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Our Mission

Key Counseling

Key Counseling is a private therapy practice focused on the health and wellbeing of older adolescents and adults. Our counselors and associated clinicians have a wide range of skills to help individuals manage relationships, transitions, overcome barriers to success and find increased purpose, happiness and fulfillment

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the right support and environment integral to growth  and healing. We believe in the human capacity for positive change and for improvement in the individiual's relationships to themselves, others and the world.  

The clinicians at Key Counseling adhere to the ethical and professional standards of our respective fields and offer a variety of therapeutic approaches and interventions, including - but not limited to - medication management, CBT, Art Therapy, and Music Therapy.

​We feel that one of the most important aspects of your therapy experience is that you are a good match with your treatment provider. Please review the bios here and contact the person you are interested in speaking with directly.  Congratulations on making the decision to care for yourself.